SunFarmer Solar Irrigation

Chitwan Water Projects

Solar-powered irrigation systems can make water available for growing vegetables or raising fish in impoverished communities. These projects, managed by the nonprofit, provide agricultural cooperatives with access to affordable micro financing for solar irrigation systems through a revolving fund.

The Problem: No Power for Irrigation

70% of Nepal’s population works in agriculture, yet the country is a net importer of food due to low production. Most farmers
grow crops only during the rainy season because they lack reliable irrigation. Without access to electricity, diesel generators are
the only way to pump water for irrigation. The fuel is expensive, however, and fuel deliveries are unreliable in rural areas.
Farmers need a more affordable and sustainable solution for crop irrigation during the 8 to 9 months of the year when there is no rain.

The Solution: Micro-financing for Solar Irrigation Systems

This initiative is the first time financing has been available in Nepal for solar-powered irrigation. Solar water pumps are clean and
cost-effective, eliminating fuel costs and providing excellent reliability. This allows farmers to extend the growing season and also
to increase their income by growing high value vegetables.

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